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4894 W Lone Mountain Rd 148 If an accident occurs, you should try to remove the spot immediately. The longer the substance is left in the carpet the more likely it will become a permanent stain. We will pretreat traffic , cleaning your carpet and use a method/cleaner selected for the type of soil that created the spot. Environmental Friendly and Non-Toxic. Child and Pet Safe Cleaning. Our company is proud to offer high quality services provided by our well trained and hard working personnel. Using an extended range of methods and tools Clean Pro LLC can guarantee the removal of various stains to give your carpet a fresh, new look. We can offer you a powerfull combination of tools, cleaners and experience, a combination that always lead to satisfied and happy cleaner rates per hourX 3 Hours Its not uncommon for one person to clean a house of this size on their own while the industry standard is mostly 2 cleaners per home based on the size of the home. Here’s how to price , cleaning a house based on hourly rate. There are two different numbers in play—the amount each worker takes home, and the amount you """"""""


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