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We're changing the World 0.000001% at a time.

Telesis [ tel-uh-sis ]
noun Sociology.
1. The intelligent direction of social activity towards the achievement of a desired and understood end.

2. An award-not-winning "company" focused on changing society by giving it more ways to collaboratively slack off.

I founded* Telesis Games as a creative outlet. During my day job I'm a Machine Learning researcher, so I love the interaction of complex mechanisms, but there is something exciting about making mechanisms that merge with writing and socialization to craft a unique** experience for people to share. You may have heard of this, in the industry we use the term Board Game.


Over the years I've designed and tested a handful of board games, but haven't released any into the wild until now. Hundreds of hours of writing long, complicated manuals full of my long, complicated ideas have led me to appreciate the long, complicated board games that I love to play with my friends. For now my releases will be focused on simpler titles, but I've got one in my back pocket I'm particularly excited about.


It's been a hell of a ride, and I'm excited about inflicting my games on the world.

*stared at a bunch of names and then made a simple website
** desirability not guaranteed

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